Teen vocal soloists

For experienced singers in the high school grades who study classical technique and repertoire, SHAK's 2019-20 season offers many unique opportunities to perform -- from concert solos with our skilled high school instrumental ensemble to costumed chamber opera with a professional orchestra! 

Rehearsal schedules are streamlined, and participants receive their music to learn in advance with their own teachers. Openings are filled on a rolling basis, so use the form on this page to let us know right away if you're interested in participating!


The World of Salamone Rossi with SHAK's Early Music Youth Academy

Guest soloist openings: Soprano; soprano or alto; tenor

Memorization?: No -- you'll want to track the rhythmic interplay of the score

Languages: Italian and/or Hebrew depending on role

Autumn "Phase 1" schedule: These places have now been filled. Come hear the performance to learn about the spring opportunity!

Spring "Phase 2" schedule: Rehearsals in May and early June to be set with participants. Performance June 8 at the San Francisco Conservatory (time TBA by the presenter) 

Cost: There is no tuition fee for guest vocal soloists, but participants' families are responsible for their San Francisco travel & lodging costs (some financial aid & homestays may be available; inquire for details).

Participants available for both the autumn and spring phases of this project receive priority.

The prolific and inventive early-17th-century Italian composer Salamone Rossi participated in the transition from Renaissance to Baroque style and enjoyed a fascinating circle of collaborators, including the philosopher poet Sara Copia, the humanist rabbi Leon Modena, and Rossi's own sister, the opera singer Madama Europa. By day Rossi commuted to work in the household of Mantua's Gonzaga dukes, composing music for their court ceremonies and performing in their weddings; at night, he and all of Mantua's Jewish population were required by law to return to the city's ghetto.

This semi-staged program brings to life Rossi's music in the context of his times. EMYA's instrumental ensemble of skilled teen players on violins, violas da gamba, lute, and harp is joined by top Seattle professional period-instrument accompanists -- Jonathan Oddie on harpsichord in the autumn and John Lenti on theorbo in the spring.

In the spring, we polish the program with the addition of opulent period costumes, vocal coaching by Nancy Zylstra, and staging by Carmen Mettler.


John Frederick Lampe's Pyramus and Thisbe

Cast opening: One soprano or tenor

Memorization?: Yes-- with your best operatic antics

Language: English

Schedule: Rehearsals one Friday evening each in November, January, and February, TBD, plus March 5, 13, 18, 20, 23, 24, in Seattle's Northgate neighborhood. Performance March 28, 1pm 

Cost: Tuition for this special in-depth project with professional coaches and orchestra is just $350. SHAK always offers need-based financial aid. Boys signing up with SHAK for the first time receive a 15% discount.*

This 1745 "mock opera" from London sets a beloved scene from Shakespeare to gorgeous Handelian Baroque music. The already-hilarious play-within-a-play from A Midsummer Night's Dream -- with its courteous lion, talking wall, and melodramatic star-crossed sweethearts -- grows even more charming with the richness of 18th century arias performed with period costume, gesture, and professional instrumental accompaniment.

Stage direction by Carmen Mettler; vocal coaching by Nancy Zylstra; music direction by Shulamit Kleinerman; orchestral accompaniment by Ingrid Matthews and Shulamit Kleinerman (Baroque violins), Caroline Nicolas (Baroque cello), and John Lenti (theorbo).


Early Music of Ireland and Scotland with SHAK's Early Music Youth Academy

Guest soloist opening(s): One or two, any voice type

Memorization?: Optional

Languages: English and/or Irish or Scottish Gaelic

Schedule: Spring schedule to be announced in mid-September. Watch for this enrollment opportunity!

*About SHAK's boy scholarships:

These days, boys and men are often underrepresented in the arts of drama, dance, and singing, and may be reluctant to sign up. We want to encourage you to give these historical arts a try! SHAK programs tend to draw together a varied mix of creative, strong-minded, curious young people who often find a unique sense of community together across categories of age and gender. Boys attending a SHAK theater, dance, or singing program are invited to take a one-time 15% discount off your tuition level. Need-based financial aid is always available for everyone.

At SHAK we know that everyone benefits when our programs are accessible, diverse, and welcoming!

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