Hands-on skills for your off-screen time

SHAK loves our online community! As the days get shorter, band together with like minds to explore hands-on historical inspiration—skills you can turn to during the rainy winter days to come. Classes and performing programs through Zoom are available for elementary through high school students.

One-time classes are tuition-free, and ongoing programs are accessible to all on a pay-as-able model. Class sizes are limited to ten or fewer students. Register today!

Learning workshops

Each class introduces a historical art form from the Medieval, Renaissance, or Baroque eras, with images from the period and up-close demonstrations by our skilled teachers. Participants try out each technique for themselves, discovering a true ages-old pastime.

Introductory sessions (free!) offer a quick, fun way to try something new. If you enjoy the topic, come back to explore further in an ongoing series.

Series classes (flexible tuition!) give students the chance to develop real hands-on skill and knowledge over several short once-weekly classes. There’s no assigned homework, but we predict that you’ll enjoy these activities enough to explore them offscreen on your own terms—just like people in the past!

Performance projects

Performance projects (flexible tuition!) bring students together to enjoy one another's work and camaraderie, and to receive coaching from specialists, whether in spoken word, singing, or instrumental music. You'll deliver your video performance at home, contributing to a final project that will serve as a beautiful, fun souvenir of this time.