Young people bring ancient music to life

At the heart of SHAK is a community of kids and teens growing up with a love of history and music -- and developing their skills to match it. Learn more about our programming:
Public music and drama Performances
Early Music Youth Academy
Programs in Schools
Spend a little time with us and you'll find our talented middle and high school students singing everything from 13th-century motets to Baroque arias -- and asking eagerly for the next challenge. Some of the teens study and perform on early instruments such as the medieval fiddle, viola da gamba, and early harp.

You'll find the children of SHAK dancing Queen Elizabeth's favorite dance and singing amongst themselves in Shakespeare's English, Handel's Italian, or medieval Latin. They'll give you the traditional call of the Elizabethan ratcatcher at the drop of a hat! Young instrumentalists may be jamming together on medieval dance tunes or stately consort music from the Renaissance.
Photo top: Scott Smith. Left and right: Don Roberts
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