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Baroque Favorites for Orchestra & Choir

A special collaboration with the Cathedral Schola at Saint Mark's Cathedral

~ Rehearsals begin in January; performance April 1 ~

In this special ensemble project for skilled teen string players age 13-18, glorious 17th- and 18th-century choral-orchestral favorites come to life with coaching and accompaniment by some of the region's top historical performers. Discover the thrill of playing in an intimate chamber orchestra with all the zest and elegance of Baroque style — in collaboration with the teen singers of the Saint Mark's Cathedral Schola! We have openings for newcomers on violin and viola to join this project.


Thrilling movements from famous works including Antonio Vivaldi's Gloria, George Frederick Handel's Messiah, and more!


Music goes out to you within a week of registering, so early registration is highly recommended!


Upper String Sectionals

Location: Director's home studio in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle, unless otherwise noted. 

Time: 4-5:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Saturday section:

  • Jan 28
  • Feb 4, 11, 25
  • March 11
  • ADDED OPTION: You are invited to attend also on Sunday Feb 12, 4-5:30pm at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church. This will give the opportunity to bring more of the violinists together before we join with continuo. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity, but you are not penalized if it doesn't work for you. 

Sunday section:

  • Jan 22 and 29
  • Feb 5
  • Feb 12, 4pm-5:30 at a different location: Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, 10005 32nd Ave NE, Seattle 98125
  • Feb 26
  • Note that March 12 sectional has been replaced with a full rehearsal with continuo (see below). It's ideal if you can attend the full 2h slot that starts at 3:30. If you have to stick with 4pm arrival, we understand.

Continuo Sectionals (cello, bassoon)

  • Tues Jan 17 in Everett
  • 6:45-8:15pm Tues Feb 7 at Saint Stephen's (see below)
  • Cello and bassoon are welcome to come to the violin rehearsal on Feb 12, 4-5:30pm at Maple Leaf Lutheran, if available. 
  • Please hold 7:30-9:30 on Wed Mar 15 for rehearsal with choir at Saint Mark's — we are awaiting firm confirmation from Saint Mark's (they have to make sure of a rehearsal space for us and the organ).

Full Orchestra Workshop Days

Location: Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church, 4805 NE 45th St, Seattle 98105

  • 2-6pm on February 19
  • 2-6pm on March 5
  • 3:30-5:30pm March 12 for Sunday violinists, continuo, and any Saturday violinists who are willing & able to attend
  • 2-6pm on March 19 

Performance Week 

Location: Saint Mark's Cathedral, 1245 10th Ave E, Seattle 98102


  • Wednesday March 29, 7:15-9:30
  • Thursday March 30, 4:00-6:30


  • Saturday April 1: Concert at 4:00; instrumentalists arrive 2:15.

Who can participate

Students of violin and viola, usually age 13-18. If slightly younger but you think you are musically ready, please feel free to reach out! (Are you interested in participating in an upcoming project, but play a different instrument? We'd love to hear from you! Please inquire by contacting us.) 

Participant musicians should have strong basics, including excellent intonation and the ability to use all parts of the bow. Baroque repertoire makes it possible for students at a range of technical levels to work together for a fully satisfying musical result:

  • Early-intermediate students may still be discovering the rewards and responsibilities of true chamber music, where everyone needs to master their own part during their at-home practice time. There's no hiding in a big section! Please be sure that your private lesson teacher will be available to assist you with learning your notes and rhythms if needed. For the most part, you won't be cramming difficult notes here, just building a higher standard of accuracy and confidence. By learning to contribute in this way, you'll discover the thrill of being a constructive force in any ensemble! (In terms of the well-known Suzuki repertoire, students at this musical level might be around Book 4-6 or might even be strong readers in Book 3.) 
  • Late-intermediate to advanced students who are experienced with solo, orchestra, and one-on-a-part chamber music will love what they can accomplish here! If the notes are mostly easy for you, you can experience the repertoire like professionals do, focusing on the joy and intellectual richness of the music and on exploring sophisticated stylistic details of sound, articulation, ensemble, and phrasing. Learning how to use a Baroque bow will give you new agility and power in your bow arm. We'd like to see you at the usual number of rehearsals, but if you're a busy and motivated player who might need a little extra flexibility with the schedule to make it possible, let's work something out. 

As the public health situation around COVID19 continues to evolve, please be prepared to wear a mask if requested. Masks are always welcome!

Online registration

Continuing members, please use one of these short forms: Violin form OR Bass instrument form [coming soon]

New members welcome! Register with this form

About Baroque style

Why play Baroque music in a historically-informed style? Players are drawn to this material by the liveliness of Baroque bows, the excitement of the phrases, the delight of shaping small details, and the skill and power of leading each other when no one has a baton.

This is a satisfying ensemble experience instead of or in addition to a youth orchestra or other musical activity. Students with advanced musical commitments may enjoy the ease and lightness of Baroque repertoire. 

String participants borrow Baroque bows for the project and learn how to use them—developing new agility and precision that carry over into their usual modern-classical playing! 

About the coaches

In winter 2023, harpsichord guest artist Henry Lebedinsky coaches the orchestra, SHAK director Shulamit Kleinerman leads the upper string sectionals, and Rebekah Gilmore directs the combined ensemble with singers at Saint Mark's Cathedral. Additional teaching artists may visit as substitute or guest coaches. 


All of SHAK's programs operate on a sliding-fee model.

Above local median household income / net worth: Please pay $375-$475, which usually covers about 75%-90% of the program's actual cost.

Near local median household income / net worth: Please pay $250-$350, which usually covers around half of the program's actual cost.

Below local median household income / net worth: No one turned away for lack of funds. Please pay anything you can, in line with what you pay for your student's other extracurricular activities.


Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment. Tuition is typically nonrefundable; exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis. How to pay:

  • By credit card below
  • By check to SHAK, PO Box 27472, Seattle WA 98165
  • Or request a Venmo link 
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