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Baroque Chamber Music Semester

Rehearsals begin in early September

Discover the thrill of one-on-a-part chamber music with all the zest and elegance of Baroque style! In this in-person ensemble program for skilled teen string players age 13-18, sparkling 17th- and 18th-century music comes to life with coaching and accompaniment by some of the region's top historical-performance players.

About Baroque style

Why play Baroque music in a historically-informed style? Students and professionals alike are drawn to this material by the liveliness of Baroque bows, the excitement of the phrases, the delight of shaping small details, and the skill and power of leading each other when no one has a baton.

This is a satisfying ensemble experience instead of or in addition to a youth orchestra or other musical activity, allowing you to develop another side of your expressive skill. It's all about cleverness and charm!

About the coaches

In autumn 2022, SHAK director Shulamit Kleinerman directs the Baroque Strings Workshop, and John Lenti serves as  coach and continuo player to the Baroque Chamber Artists and to the full group when both programs play together. Additional teaching artists may visit as substitute or guest coaches. Such coaches have included Meg Brennand, Baroque cello, and Henry Lebendinsky, harpsichord.

Who can participate

  • Students of bowed strings (violin, viola, cello). Other instruments may be possible; please feel free to inquire by contacting us. String participants borrow Baroque bows for the project and learn how to use them.

  • If unsure which of these divisions is a fit for your student, please feel free to contact the director with your questions.

    • Baroque Strings Workshop is for well-established students with excellent intonation, who are still discovering the rewards and responsibilities of one-on-a-part chamber music. It may be somewhat or completely new to you to make an individual contribution to the ensemble by playing a solo part and by leading and following other students without a conductor. For you to respond to a musical/expressive idea or to make a certain kind of articulation, it helps to have a teacher give you clear instructions for how to do that. You are able to learn your notes in practice but could use some help learning rhythms or fingerings in rehearsals. In most cases you should be age 11-18 and have had several years of individual lessons. (In terms of the well-known Suzuki repertoire, this level might fit students around Book 4-6, as well as strong readers in Book 3.) 

    • Baroque Chamber Artists is for late-intermediate to advanced students who are experienced with one-on-a-part chamber music. You are able to lead and follow other musicians without a conductor. You can learn advanced repertoire on your own in your practice time, and in rehearsals you are ready to respond to sophisticated musical ideals of sound and articulation and to contribute ideas of your own. Although a Baroque bow may be new to you, in general you are comfortable with the mechanics of your instrument and you know how to use your bow with precision and expression. Students in this group will be playing on Baroque instruments as well as bows. If you are interested in joining, contact us to discuss your options.

  • Please be vaccinated against COVID19.



Baroque Strings Workshop: Saturdays Sept 10 through Nov 12, 4-5:30pm. Locations in NE Seattle, TBA depending on group size. Dress rehearsal Monday Nov 21, 5:30-8:30pm.

Baroque Chamber Artists: Rehearsals with full group: Saturdays Sept 24, Oct 1, and Oct 8, location in NE Seattle TBA. Per-piece small-group rehearsals: Some student-only and some coached rehearsals will be scheduled mostly on weekday evenings. Locations in Magnolia and NE Seattle. Dress rehearsal Monday Nov 21, 5:30-8:30pm.

Performances (for both programs):

Guest performance: Sunday Nov 13, 3:30 (arrive 2:30). Location: Skyline Performance Hall, First Hill.

Public performance (mandatory for all participants): Tuesday Nov 22, 7pm (arrive 5:30). Location TBA.


All of SHAK's programs operate on a sliding-fee model.

Above local median household income / net worth: Please pay $375-$475, which usually covers about 75%-90% of the program's actual cost.

Near local median household income / net worth: Please pay $250-$350, which usually covers around half of the program's actual cost.

Below local median household income / net worth: No one turned away for lack of funds. Please pay whatever you can, in line with the percentage you pay for your student's other extracurricular activities.

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