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Hands-on skills for your offscreen time! These classes are offered on a sliding-scale model. They meet on Zoom and last 50-60 minutes unless otherwise specified. Register in advance at the bottom of the page, and pay by one of the options shown below the form. Space is limited to ten (or sometimes fewer) participants in each class, so enrolling early is recommended.

New in summer 2021: With the expectation that some families will be out and about more than last summer, our instructors will plan to video the "new lesson" portion of each meeting so that students can catch up if they miss one. However, please plan to attend your class's meetings in real time as a general rule. Our programs are designed to let young people enjoy each other's company and connect socially around shared interests!

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Compose Your Own Baroque Music

Section 1 (younger students) runs five Wednesdays: June 30 & July 7, 14, 21, 28, at 10:45am Pacific (GMT -7)

Section 2 (older students) runs five Fridays: July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, at 4:30pm Pacific

This class is for: Section 1 is for age 10-12, & age 9 by request. Section 2 is for age 12-18. See musical guidelines below.

Explore Baroque music from the inside out! In this class you'll learn how to improvise and compose your own music just as instrumentalists did in the 1700s. Using ground basses—short baselines that repeat throughout a piece—you'll craft your own melodies and variations. Learn how to choose the right notes, explore techniques for shaping and varying your tunes, and put these all together to create your own unique composition. 

This class is appropriate for music students at a wide variety of technical levels and with or without composition experience. All participants need to be able to read music notation and play a non-transposing instrument up to at least one flat or sharp, preferably two or more. (That is, be able to play comfortably in F, C, and G major at minimum. Non-transposing means your instrument plays the notated pitch—sorry we are not able to include transposing instruments like the clarinet in this class.)

Section 1 is taught by Miyo Aoki, Section 2 by Shulamit Kleinerman.

Suggested donations as follows: 

Above median income/assets in your region: We suggest $80-100. This fee covers about 75-90% of the actual cost of the program.

Near median income/assets in your region: We suggest $50-80. This fee covers about 50% of the actual cost of the program.

Significantly below median income/assets in your region: Pay what you can, no one turned away for lack of funds. 

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Medieval Calligraphy, Part 2 (Gothic Cursive)

Five weekday mornings Pacific time, TBD

This class is for: Students who have taken our first medieval calligraphy series class any time since summer 2020.

Welcome back! Now that you know Gothic Textura calligraphy from your first calligraphy class with SHAK, you can enjoy the creative variant cursive forms. Quicker, curvier, and more playful to write, these were used in the late Middle Ages for the growing world of literary manuscripts (rather than very formal religious ones in Latin). So we get to work with texts in Middle English—including the early forms of sayings that are still with us today!

Some students may need to purchase additional materials for the class: 

  • If you are low on ink or paper, or want to try a new nib, now is a good time to restock. Nibs at 2.5mm and 2mm are recommended.

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