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Online introduction sessions

These short-but-sweet classes are free of charge. Presented on the videoconference platform Zoom and accessible from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, each session lasts 50-60 minutes.

Register in advance at the bottom of the page. Space is limited to ten participants in each class.

For students who want to learn more, most introductory classes will be followed by ongoing weekly series classes. For information about all of SHAK's inspiration-first summer workshops, visit our Enroll page. For news as we announce upcoming offerings, please join our mailing list.

Tues July 14, 1pm Pacific

Introducing: Recorder for Teens
This class is for: Students age 12-18 with a little or a lot of experience in music. Prior experience with recorder is welcome but not required.

The widespread modern revival of the recorder is testament to its popularity and charm. A wonderfully versatile instrument, the recorder was played in all sorts of social circles throughout the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras, with instruments ranging in size from six inches to six feet! In this class, local recorder virtuosa Vicki Boeckman introduces the healthy technical foundation to produce a lovely and satisfying sound, and then participants plunge in to play delightful tunes from ages past.

You’ll need a soprano or alto recorder for this class!
You may purchase one of the following recommended instruments, available by mail or pick-up from Seattle retailer Mad Robin Music: Soprano: Either YRS 302B or YRS 402B. Alto: Either YRA 302B or YRA 402B.

Or you may borrow one of these instruments from SHAK if you are local to Seattle; please inquire. Current loaner instruments are new and have not been played previously, but please read about disinfection guidelines here.

Tues July 21, 11am Pacific

Introducing: Medieval Melodies & Improvisation
This class is for: Students age 10-18 who play bowed strings, harp, classical guitar, or wind instruments from late beginner through advanced level. Participants should have at least 2-3 years of instruction and be able to play comfortably in keys of C and D major (in choice of octave on their instrument). Work at your own level.

The instrumental music that survives from the Middle Ages is based around playful patterns of repetition, suggesting that players in this time enjoyed improvising within these structures. Led by SHAK founder and director Shulamit Kleinerman, discover the enchanting modal scales — different from modern major and minor tonality — that give medieval music its mesmerizing sound. After warming up with a real 800-year-old melody, you’ll discover how the modes worked in the by-ear culture of the Middle Ages, and how they serve as an easy springboard to improvisation today. Whether you already enjoy improvising or are trying it for the first time, and even if you feel shy about it, this class is for you!

Set yourself up to take this class with your instrument in hand. You'll want to position yourself about 4 feet from the microphone, in a spot where your hands will be visible on your video.

Registration for introductory classes

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