An adventure in 18th century theater

Main cast

Rehearsals at the Salle Saint-George:
Sat 7: 3-6p
Sun 8: 3-6p, parent meeting 6-7p*
Sun 22: 10a-1p and 3-6p
Sun 29: 3-6p
Sat 4: 3-6p
Sun 5: 3-6p
Sun 12: 10a-1p and 3-6p
Sun 19: 3-6p (small group TBD)
Sun 26: 3-6pm
Sat 4: 3-6p
Sun 5: 3-5p, open rehearsal 5-7p**
Sun 12: 10a-1p and 3-6p
Sun 19: 10a-1p and 3-6p
And see below

Teen vocal soloists

Rehearsals at the Salle Saint-George:
Feb 12: 3-6pm
March 5: 3-7pm*
March 19: 3-6pm
And see below

Example recordings

**March 5: OPEN-REHEARSAL FUNDRAISER at the Salle Saint-George
 5:30-7:30pm immediately following 3pm rehearsal. This is our annual tradition in which the cast presents excerpts from the show for parents and members of the public who are interested in supporting SHAK’s work. 

March 20 and 21: DRESS REHEARSALS at the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford
5:15-8:45pm both days
Essential rehearsals for all cast members. The time frame has been shifted slightly and extended by 30 mins. Nearer the time, call time may become shorter for some cast members.

March 24: SCHOOL PERFORMANCE at Seattle Area German American School (SAGA)
Call time TBA (around 8am)
Performance at 10a. Students will be ready to depart between 11:30-11:45am.
March 25: PERFORMANCE DAY at the Good Shepherd Center
Call time 1:15pm, performances 3pm and 7pm. The performance lasts 1 hour. Eat lunch before arriving. Bring a costume-safe snack for before the first performance. We’ll have a family dinner potluck onsite around 5pm; costuming time means cast members must remain onsite.

The fine print

  • Parents commit to help their children learn their lines and songs via daily practice. Older children and teens may need minimal support. Younger or less experienced students need direct adult help -- for example, in practicing spoken lines.
  • Families commit to rehearsal attendance as agreed at the time of enrollment (for rehearsal conflicts, see below). Once you have enrolled, unplanned absences should be limited to emergencies only. In case of non-hospital illness, please check with us on the day of rehearsal. Rehearsals are for the participants only; parents do not accompany their children during rehearsals.
One of the reasons drama is so rewarding for participants is that each student has an individual role. Unlike many types of group activities your child may have experienced in which the whole group practices the same thing (such as a choir), the cast members in a play need each other individually present in order to practice together. We recognize that your child may have prior commitments that conflict with some of our weekend rehearsals. In cases where students have an unavoidable conflict, the directors need to be able to consider whether we can accommodate the absence and, if so, to plan accordingly. If you have any potential rehearsal conflicts, please contact Shula to discuss them before enrolling. We may be able to give advance permission to miss a small number of rehearsals on a case-by-case basis. In order to end up with a functioning performance experience for all our participants, we ask families to honor your commitment to rehearsals you've planned to attend.