Master Finno's Songbook

Performed on March 9, 2019:

Seattle Historical Arts for Kids presents an original youth pageant based on Finland’s famous 16th-century songbook, the Piae Cantiones. With stage direction by Carmen Mettler, students aged 7 to 14 bring to life this collection of melodious and playful Latin songs, which represents the longstanding repertoire of the choirboys at the cathedral school in Turku. Thanks to its publication in 1582, some of the songs are familiar today as Christmas carols and beloved choral favorites, while others offer a tuneful time capsule from the past. With a beguiling mix of history and whimsy, SHAK's original script explores the origins of the collection and the publishers' decision to make it available to everyone!

Skilled teen musicians from SHAK's Early Music Youth Academy accompany on harp, viola da gamba, and violin, with special guests Bill McJohn (historical harp) and Jacob Breedlove (hurdy-gurdy and percussion) and music director Shulamit Kleinerman (violin and vielle). Made possible in part by support from the Finlandia Foundation National.

Performance photos: Karin Brookes. Behind-the-scenes photos: Karin Brookes and Carmen Mettler.